Tips for looking for and getting a job

Through this article, you will know everything related to advice to find a job and get it, about the preparation of your Curriculum Vitae (CV), your future interview and the use of the internet as an ally.

Basic tips for looking for and getting a job

Over time, the importance of work in human beings has become evident, being a vital activity that determines the subsistence of the individual. Today, people work for a certain salary and benefits. This was not always the case, in the past they traded for favors, objects or food.

Looking for a job, regardless of the fact that you are a professional or not, deserves certain basic tips that will guide you towards your goal, which is to achieve it and with it solve your economic, social and psychological needs at the same time.

Among some tips to find and get a job quickly and efficiently, they can help you:

  • Focus on your main objective.
  • Prepare a good CV (where you highlight your studies, your experience, your skills, languages, goals …).
  • Make use of sites that are exclusively dedicated to the recruitment of human talent.
  • Make use of the internet and social networks, for job search (if possible, make yourself known through them).
  • Network.
  • Always try to continue adding knowledge.
  • Improve your public speaking.
  • Prepare a standard interview that will serve as a basis for when they call you.
  • Narrow down the search to those companies where you could really be recruited to work.
  • Always stay up to date in your area.

Preparation of your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and your future job search interview

You have to know that both the Curriculum Vitae and the interview are going to be your cover letters in the company you choose to enter. Hence the importance of these derives.

Preparation of your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Just as a good appearance is important when you go to your first appointment, so is a good presentation of your CV to the company.

That is your first impression, the opening of who you are and the first step to that connection with the organization, to considerably increase your chance of getting a future job interview. In other words, your CV has been your own personal marketing plan.

You build an optimal CV in the following way:

  • It must be simple, easy to read, that generates a visual impact on the recruiter, without being overloaded or tedious.
  • It must include your personal data (names and surnames, telephone numbers, e-mail, profiles in social networks. For example, in “Linkedin”).
  • It should have a small introduction of your qualities as a person and in the professional field.
  • Must present a brief summary of your studies, experiences, languages ​​and skills.

Preparation of your future interview

Once the company has liked your CV, comes the second and most important step “The interview”. This is decisive for obtaining the desired job, that is why you must prepare and:

  • Know well the company for which you are applying.
  • Know what the job is about.
  • Practice what you will say in the interview (imagine possible questions).
  • Have confidence in you and what you know.

The use of the internet as an ally when looking for a job

In an increasingly globalized and technological world, the relevance of using the internet is increasing rapidly when looking for a job.

Currently, it is no longer used to go company by company carrying your printed CV, now the trend is to flood with your CV the various recruitment sites of human talent and the various social networks that lend themselves for the same on the web.

For example, the case of Linkedin, a professional social network oriented towards business, commerce and job search, which is the world’s favorite in this area. This being one of the many tools that the internet offers when looking for a job.

Through the internet you can apply throughout the world, entering various portals and simply clicking to send your CV. However, it is not that easy since the online world is very wide and complex, so the advice outlined above to look for a job will help you.