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Accelerators, incubators, business nurseries, centers, experts, schools, Fab Labs, financiers, tech champions, communities, clusters, events…

The Aix-Marseille territory is filled with all the players needed to support startups at each stage of their development: from the first idea to tech champion !

Startup development


Accélérateur The Camp French Tech Aix-Marseille

Accélérateur Voyage privé French Tech Aix-Marseille

Accélérateur Telfrance Aix-Marseille French Tech

Logo accélérateur Jaguar Network

Accélérateur Stardust French Tech Aix-Marseille

Accélérateur Kedge Aix-Marseille French Tech

Logo accélérateur P.Factory

Accélérateur Netangels Aix-Marseille French Tech

Spearheading the Aix-Marseille French Tech nomination, the accelerators are organizations aimed at supporting startup creation and growth. They offer a program of high value-added services :

  • Training programs
  • A business contact network (potential clients, investors, media…)
  • A pool of high-level skills (marketing and communication, business development…)
  • Talent recruiting
  • “Manufacturing” and sometimes financial resources

Objectives : enable startups to grow more quickly and fulfill their ambitions to become world leaders.


An organization for welcoming, housing, and supporting new business creators, public accelerators offers technical and financial support as well as advice and services for a limited period (from 2 to 4 years) in order to optimize the success rate of new companies by reducing the amount of obstacles that come with starting a new business.

Public accelerators focus on entrepreneurs at different stages of their projects development :

  • Projects in incubation (screening and approval of ideas)
  • Project heads (ongoing completion or still seeking financing)
  • Nascent creators (pending registration)
  • Recent creators (company is already registered).

Pépinière Marseille innovation




Incubateur Impulse Aix-Marseille French Tech


Pépinières du pays d'Aix



Logo pôle SCS

Pôle PRIMI Aix-Marseille French Tech

Logo pôle optitec

Pôle Safe


At the crossroads of laboratories and manufacturers, the competitiveness centers are organizations specialized in innovative technologies: contactless, security, photonics, imaging, software, aviation, aerospace, energy, health, medicine, transmedia, natural and industrial hazards…

Intended to produce synergies around collaborative innovative projects, on a given territory a competitiveness center brings together companies, research labs, training establishments, as well as associations committed to a partnership-based approach (common development strategy).

Based on the shared vision of the different collaborators, each competitiveness center develops its strategy in five years.


The SATT, “Sociétés d’Accélération du Transfert de Technologies,” have the goal of simplifying while making more professional the transfer of innovations coming from academic research to the industrial world.

Based in Marseille, the Southeast SATT has a catalogue of technologies that are ready to be industrialized.

So if you are looking for an innovative technology to develop a breakthrough product, do not hesitate to consult the catalogue.

Logo Satt sud est


Connect Wave Fab lab Aix-Marseille French Tech

Fab Lab Provence Fab lab Aix-Marseille French Tech

Centrale Marseille Fab lab Aix-Marseille French Tech

Lieu de fabrication ouvert Fab lab Aix-Marseille French Tech

Carrefour innovation Fab lab Aix-Marseille French Tech

Fuv Lab Fab lab Aix-Marseille French Tech

A fab lab (fabrication laboratory) is a location open to the public where all sorts of tools are available, including computer-controlled machine tools, in order to creation and completion of objects.

They are made available to entrepreneurs, designers, artists, handymen, students or all types of hackers who want to move more quickly from the concept phase to the prototype phase, from the prototype phase to the refinement phase, from the refinement phase to the deployment phase, etc.

The principal characteristic for the fab labs is their open door policy.


Clusters, also called business clusters, are networks of companies made up for the most part of SMBs and VSBs, with a solid local base, and are often with the same product niches and in the same sector.

A cluster’s objectives are to set up a network for the different players of the sector, improve company productivity, increase their capacity for innovation, and through focused territorial marketing, encourage job development in the sector’s companies.

Cluster Medinsoft Aix-Marseille French Tech

Cluster Arcsis Aix-Marseille French Tech


Cluster CIP Paca Fab lab Aix-Marseille French Tech

Cluster finances conseil méditerranée Aix-Marseille French Tech

Cluster Clusir Paca Aix-Marseille French Tech

CNRFID Aix-Marseille French Tech


Provence Business Angels Aix-Marseille French Tech

BPI France Aix-Marseille French Tech

Accélérateur Netangels Aix-Marseille French Tech

Paca investissement Aix-Marseille French Tech

ACG Management Aix-Marseille French Tech

Paca émergence Aix-Marseille French Tech

Financing is the growth enabler for startups. When asking about the financing for company creation, several solutions are considered depending on the type of business or the size of the company.

Whether seed capital funds, venture capital, or development capital, on the territory you’ll find the financing agencies adapted according to your startup’s state of development.


Exporting cannot be improvised. Market prospecting, product analysis and targeting, business protection… Numerous factors should be taken into account before entering international markets.

To make sure the venture meets with success and creates solid development prospects, it’s best to rely on the benefit organizations that provide a collection of tools to companies, enabling them to export, discover, and win over foreign markets.

To support the development of startups aboard, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the ARII (with the French Tech pass) will be your preferred interlocutors.

Arii Paca Aix-Marseille French Tech

CCI International Aix-Marseille French Tech


Provence promotion Aix-Marseille French Tech

PAD Pays d'Aix Développement

Benefit organizations to help you establish yourself !

Facilitating the establishment of both French and foreign companies on the territory is the mission of Provence Promotion and Pays d’Aix Développement.

Throughout your project for setting up on the territory, each of these organizations will be your preferred partner, providing you with free and confidential assistance :

  • Bringing together the scientific and economic ecosystem
  • Financial engineering, real estate, HR…
  • Aid with employee relocation
  • Promoting your company on the territory


Dynamic and involved communities !

On the Aix-Marseille territory, numerous communities, which are dynamic and friendly, have formed naturally.

Coders, developers, graphic designers, consultants, startup entrepreneurs, wannapreneurs who are all interested in all kinds of things, this whole little world regularly gathers together to exchange ideas and build networks.

Whether it’s through Facebook groups or co-working spaces, you’ll surely find help as well as valuable contacts here, no matter what your aspirations are.






Make it Marseille coworking





Accélérateur Kedge Aix-Marseille French Tech

Insitut G4 multimedia Aix-Marseille French Tech

IAE Aix Aix-Marseille French Tech

Groupe école pratique

Ecole EMD Manegement Aix-Marseille French Tech

Ecole supinfo Aix-Marseille French Tech

Axe sud


Ecole informatique Cesi Exia Aix-Marseille French Tech

Ecole Epitech Aix-Marseille French Tech


The best digital technology schools !

Commerce, management, I.T., or transmedia, the Aix-Marseille territory has the best digital technology schools !

Very dynamic and involved in the territory, some of them are connected to accelerators (Kedge), fab labs (Centrale), or participate actively in the workings of the startup ecosystem.

If you need employees skilled in I.T., marketing, or multimedia to ensure the development of your startup, you will find well-trained and motivated interns and young graduates connected to these schools.


A program with a wide range of activities !

Numerous events take place all year long and set the rhythm of life in the Aix-Marseille territory, allowing you to meet business leaders, expand your network, or get inspired.

There are world-class events, which touch on all the important subjects of the moment: E-commerce, smart city, Big Data, internet of things, RFID, E-health, photonics, imaging…

You’ll find gatherings where innovation is at the heart of the topics on hand.

And gatherings where students, researchers, wannapreneurs, entrepreneurs, startup entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and those passionate about all types of technology get together.

Check upcoming events

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